Mladen MILJANOVIC, exhibition under construction

Damir NIKSIC, installation under construction

Exhibition: Relations

Dialogues: Bosnia-Herzegovina


Artists : Mladen Miljanovic et Damir Niksic
Curators : Ivana Udovicic et Sarita Vujkovic

After a residence of ten days, the two artists present their work in FABRIKculture, a former textile mill converted into a stunning exhibition hall.


Mladen Miljanovic, born in 1981 in Zenica, was an army adjudant before becoming an artist. His most recent major project called “I serve art” had been continued during his residence in FABRIKculture. Two videos and a work based on a eyesight test where one can see the word « Kill » have been created.
Though a series of  installations and videos, the public will discover the artist’s forceful world and his trenchant criticism of the surfeit of publicity messages invading our living environment. The artist point up his denunciaton of the ‘militarized’ system imposed by inhumane market laws, namely in his new piece of art « War Street », with reference to Wall Street.

Damir Niksic,
born in 1970 in Brcko, is a renowned artist. He is actualy working on its character, the “Boogyman” and a society made on the image of him, called the “Boogyland”. Boogyman’s extravagances on the one hand give the lie to the stereotypes of islamic societies which have grown in the West, and, on the other, stress the abuse of ‘Orientalizing’ – through huge panels of ‘sacred’ images dripping with exotic romanticism.
« Relations », Damir Niksic settled in the FABRIKculture’s cave, that he imagined as a torture chamber. He also invaded the walls with pieces of graffiti based on a strong commited symbolic language, denouncing the ignorance and intolerance that are insidiously governing our societies.


►Presentation of the project: October 18, 5: 30 PM, FNAC Mulhouse


►Exhibition: from October 25 to November 11, 2007, FABRIKculture, Hégenheim (Alsace)
Friday - Sunday: 11AM - 6PM (please make a reservation for group visit)



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68220 Hégenheim

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